Global diffusion of the energy efficiency culture, seen as a key element for growth, and theoretical, technical and application methods for maximizing performance.


Contribute to a substantial and acknowledged contribution to making the Italian company energetically efficient through:

  • Deep knowledge of the most innovative and effective themes and solutions
  • The timely analysis of field issues
  • The in-depth study, aimed at the optimal resolution of each single case taken into consideration by the technical-consultant team
  • The implementation of solutions, both managerial and technical
  • Business training on energy efficiency (processes and behaviors)
  • Constructive and continuous dialogue with the partner company

From the first contact with the customer company, we NESECO consultants and technicians, we set up the foundation for a real partnership, aimed at achieving the Energy Efficiency goal.

We are presumptuous. Already from the collection of the data needed for the 1st level energy audit, our whole path towards energy efficiency is marked by a much ambitious and realistic premise: we are not a cost but a serious and obvious opportunity for the Partner company.