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The Energy Audit evaluates the energy efficiency and the energy performance of an organization.
The Energy Audit is essential in order to archieve the Energy efficiency because it is the base for the evaluation of models, parameters and dynamics for the evaluation of the Efficiency Energy Plan.
the scope of the Energy Audit is the evaluates how the energy is used, the reasons of energy wastefulness, analyse causes and promote virtuoso behavior, taking into account technical and economical feasibility.
The Energy Audit is a systematic collection of data, evaluation and inventory of the energy systems, in brief it represents “a technical and economical evaluation of Energy flows”

What we do

Below the main areas where Neseco and its energy managers operate:

  • Invoice accuracy check (energy consumption check, invoices amount check, etc.)
  • change the energy provider and contract (if necessary)
  • improve the energy company process and train people in order to archieve the “Energy virtuous” behavior
  • improve managing energy systems
  • improve the consume energy areas
  • improve the existing energy systems
  • new energy systems
  • maintenance planning