Neseco is an energy consulting firm, founded in 2015, with the ambition of setting up an effective way to cope with rising energy costs, given the widespread need to consume energy efficiently, safeguarding private and Of the natural heritage.
Neseco operates in the field of energy efficiency and, thanks to the professional profiles it uses, has quickly become a sector reference that, starting from the birthplace of Puglia, is rapidly expanding the scope of its interventions to whole national territory.

Professionalism with technical and managerial skills.

More technical profiles to identify and realize the most appropriate structural solutions.
Management profiles to better understand the different needs of each customer, of any industry, by identifying the peculiarities of business processes and by taking the most appropriate conclusions to optimize energy performance as a key component of business.
Today, thanks to a systematic and strategic study, Neseco has developed an operating method that can be applied to all sectors. This method is structured so as to enable the overall view of the energy efficiency project and thus optimize the interventions, as it monitors and enhances each consumption situation, any alternatives and the relative repercussions of 360 °.

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